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Do You Have My Vehicle Information? (Lesson 1)

Let’s begin with one of the most common challenges faced by auto workshop owners on a daily basis: tracking customer vehicle information and history.

The ability to track vehicle information is critical to the financial success of your business because it is this information that allows you to provide a tailored service to your customers. When you can track vehicle information and history, you can provide expert service not only at the point of sale, but prior to that time as well.

You will also be able to provide professional after-care service with ease, such as service reminders and courtesy notices to ensure your customers are happy with the service you and your staff provided.

If you can optimise your systems to a high level of efficiency, you will position your auto workshop in such a way that your profits will be maximised. Only then can you take advantage of growth opportunities.

With an integrated information system implemented in your business, your mechanics will have access to the required information they need at the press of a button, allowing immediate access to view and update a customer’s vehicle history.

With this type of immediate information access, productivity and efficiency is effortlessly increased because there is no wasted time trying to find basic information. Plus, the risk of receiving incorrect information is virtually eliminated.

The experience your customers have with your front line staff is they remember, and in their minds will have just as much importance as the job you did for them on their vehicles.

To allow your staff to do a good job for you in front of your customers, they must have this easy and efficient access to your customer’s vehicle information and history. This will allow them to answer questions and take payments and bookings without any issues. Remember, the smoother the information flow within your auto workshop, the more efficient your staff will be.

Without easy access to this essential information your auto workshop can lose both time and money.

Without efficient access to your customer’s vehicle information and without the smooth communication that this efficiency will create, your customer’s trust of your business can be severely impacted. When the trust your customers have in your business is compromised, you run the risk of losing their business for good.

When your customers are left wondering things like: “I have been coming here for years, why don’t they know anything about my car?”, this creates the opening in their mind of considering choosing a different auto workshop next time they need a repair on their vehicle.

Would you agree that access to the right information is one of the biggest challenges facing auto workshop owners?

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