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Stop The Tax & GST Nightmares (Lesson 16)

What can you accomplish with the right system in your business? Read the story below to see what Nick has been able to do in his workshop.

Nick was a savvy mechanic who knew perfectly well his skills were in fixing cars, not managing GST and BAS for his business. He understood that when he became a shop owner, he would need this area to take care of itself. When he took ownership of his auto workshop he made the decision to use a system that managed this for him right from day one.

This has saved him time, money and stress. He doesn’t understand accounting, but knows that he doesn’t need to. He has the information required by the tax department available at the push of a button.

The system constantly works behind the scenes and extracts the relevant information. It then puts that information aside. Nick can see it any time he wants to and it is real time data, so it is always up to date. The end of the financial year has always been pain free for Nick.

In a few simple steps, content is gathered into a report for handing to his accountant. The information is correct, easy to access and saves both time and money.

You can take the stress out of GST and BAS reporting by using the same smart system as Nick does. A system that is fully integrated with the day-to-day running of your auto workshop gathers the information into one place and stores it until you need it.

Do you have a system like Nick’s or is it something you’ve never got around to? I look forward to reading your comments below…

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