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Generic vs Auto Industry Specific Systems (Lesson 18)

I regularly hear similar stories of people persisting with accounting packages, until it becomes so frustrating finding the information they need, that they come and talk with Autosoft.

Sometimes we hear stories of how a workshop owner’s accountant “makes” them use MYOB. SERIOUSLY? It’s YOUR business, you do what’s best for YOU, not your accountant. The ironic thing is that almost all accountants that take the time to look at Autosoft develop a very positive view of it, and suggest to their client that it is a good thing for their business, and that they will be fine to get the accounting data out of the system when required.

The problem with generic solutions is that they are not designed for the specialised tasks associated with an automotive and mechanical business. For example, they can’t manage vehicle history and jobs effectively, and they are unable to manage and monitor mechanics’ time and productivity.

The same is true of generic accounting packages. There are specific processes in a mechanical workshop business that cannot run properly on a system designed by an accountant, rather than someone who is an expert in the automotive industry.

Some shop owners have even tried to use two separate systems – one for operations and one for administration. That kind of doubling up ends up being clumsy and ineffective when it comes to the growth of the business. It is time-consuming and cost-ineffective to run two systems when there is one system that will do the job better than both of them.

An industry-specific package is custom designed to work seamlessly across all aspects of the business.

Another vitally important aspect of an organisation that is devoted to specialising in Automotive Software rather than dealing with all sorts of industries is the level of service they can provide. Here at Autosoft, the ONLY businesses we deal with are Automotive, so we know what you guys do in the day-to-day running of your business. We know the challenges, the frustrations, and importantly we know the solutions. When you phone your generic accounting package for support, what do they know about workshops?

The Autosoft solution is specifically designed for the automotive industry to address and solve all the major challenges mentioned in previous articles faced by business owners all over Australia.

Here are some additional modules that can be included in Autosoft to streamline your business:

  • Easy storage and retrieval of client and vehicle information
  • Simple and effective job management
  • Mechanical labour management and tracking
  • Spare parts inventory and pricing system
  • Time and money-saving strategies for a more efficient operation
  • Rapid, efficient and professional ways of communicating with clients
  • Easy system for invoicing and payments methods
  • Safe and secure methods for organising and storing vital financial records
  • Complete payroll facility
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for GST and BAS

You can tailor the features to suit your individual situation.

Not only does Autosoft provide solutions for the problems and the challenges that you are facing in your workshop, it will dramatically improve productivity, performance and the profits of your business.

Reporting is a key facet of any business, and knowing your numbers is paramount. Autosoft has dozens of key reports to give you the information you need at the time that you need it. Many business owners are amazed how they lived without the key stats and information that they now take for granted, available at the press of a button from Autosoft.

It is essentially a simple, easy-to-read record of critical information that can be viewed quickly. You can see how your business is tracking and view the history either generally or in very specific areas.

As you can see, Autosoft is completely dedicated to growing your business efficiently and profitably.

How many systems are you currently using to cover all of the functions listed above, and how much of it do you need to do manually? Please leave your thoughts and comments below…

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