Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a lot of questions about Autosoft and what it can do for you. If the question is not listed, the best way to have these questions answered is to contact the Autosoft Sales Team and these questions can be explored completely. Some of the questions that are frequently posed to us are listed here:

Does my software provider have the backup to look after me into the future?

It is vital that the company you deal with is big enough to provide help when you want it, while ensuring its software is always up to date in terms of industry and technological changes.

At Autosoft, we have been operating over 25 years — looking after businesses just like yours. We have grown into an orgranisation that will help you grow, while still being a family owned and operated enterprise small enough to care.

Does Autosoft really offer more than an off-the-shelf accounting package?

The short answer is ‘yes’. And not only that, it’s designed to meet your specific needs while being easier to use. We have seen many businesses decide that a non-automotive software package will suit their needs, only to come back to us later and purchase Autosoft after realising their mistake.

What does it cost to have a tool that does not fit the job? Would you use ramps where you need a four-post hoist? Then why would you use a business tool that is not designed to do the job?

I have heaps of data in my existing system; what happens to it?

Most computer systems allow you to extract data. As long as this is possible, you can import main data files into Autosoft. Please talk to our technical team if you are unsure about extracting data, as we have many ways to do so – most developed by our specialists.

I don’t really have time for training in work hours; how can I learn the system when Autosoft trainers work business hours?

Training and System Implementation is a key to the successful operation of your Autosoft System. Through years of experience, Autosoft has developed a unique disc-based training program that enables you to train when you want, at the pace you want. If you prefer, Autosoft can host face-to-face training or visit your business to perform on-site training.

I’m in the bush; do I have to pay lots of money to have a technician come and set up the system?

We know how important is for you to get the help you need, no matter where you are. With Autosoft’s unique remote help system, asking for, and receiving help is easy. A technician can be “in your office” at the click of a button.

I don’t want my employees to see sensitive business information. How can I ensure it is safe?

Data Integrity is vital. Using Autosoft’s sophisticated security management system, you can set user security to limit or allow access based on entire menu options (eg. General access to Stock Master file), or to be far more specific with these settings (eg. Granting access to Stock Master file, but limiting the ability to view detailed cost information on stock). You choose how best to manage this for your business.

My business is different to the others out there. How do I know Autosoft will work for me?

Not every business wants to use a system for exactly the same purpose. That’s why, through years of experience, Autosoft has created many options for you to tweak the system to operate exactly the way you want.

What if I buy the system and it’s not right for me?

In the unlikely event that you feel the system is not right for you, Autosoft offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the software.

I plan to open other stores. What happens when I expand?

Scalability is a great Autosoft design feature that ensures the system is easy enough for a small operator yet sophisticated enough for a large multi-site operation.