Here’s what Autosoft users think

All the Autosoft business management solutions offer so much, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Click on the names listed down the right side of this page to see what experienced Autosoft users have to say about Autosoft software, support and training.

Susan & Bruce
Walker Auto Electics

“Autosoft is the best thing we have done, and now my business run’s very smoothly and most things can be done without me being on site. We are very happy with ALL aspects.”

Paul Smith
Smith’s Auto Performance

Jack Sandher
Top Secret Imports

“System Likes

  1. Easy to use.
  2. The appearance of the finished document.
  3. The customer support.
  4. The history that is stored about the work we have done for a customer.

Steve Appleton
WA Auto Electrics Pty Ltd.

“We decided to change our software because as our Business was growing, it was becoming harder to manage the whole business. We looked around at the various programs available and we came across autosoft. Immediately we knew this program was for us. The professionalism of the staff, the adaptability and the capability of the software and the impressive support network was enough reason for us to choose autosoft. We are about 3 months in now and we continue to find new features that make running our Business easier. Autosoft was one of the best Business decisions we have made.”

Craig Hendry & Jon Hardaker
H & H Automotive

“The benefit of using Autosoft is that it is a one-stop shop for all of our accounting and invoicing needs. Customers have always commented on how professional our invoices are. Our customers have also commented on streamlined our processes seem to be with the ability to email them their invoices and statements. Also our ability to provide past records with ease seems to be popular also for those who aren’t great and keeping their records.

Accelerate Automotive is very pleased with their purchase of Autosoft. We find it very simple to use and it meets all of our workshops needs. We wouldn’t hesitate in referring our businesses to use the product and it would never disappoint any organisation in the Motor Industry.”

Angela Wall
Accellerate Automotive

“We believe the Autosoft team is both knowledgeable and helpful and the services and support they offer is getting better by the day. The program itself has exceeded some of the plans we had put in place and we look forward to working with the Autosoft program and team into the future.”

Krystal Miller, Administration Manager
CTE Mechanical Services Pty Ltd

“I love Autosoft. I find that the Parts & Workshop system is easy to use and the reports console creates an instant snap shot of any enquiry I may have regarding any aspect of my business. The program is certainly written with the intent to save time as there are some great features “

Graham Dunstan
(Partner/Manager), Milano Parts

“We would have been happy to endorse AutoSoft Turbo, but to speak about AutoSoft 5 is exciting and we encourage other workshops to give the Demo a go! You won’t be disappointed. We thank the AutoSoft support team for the endless patience answering our questions and for taking on board the comments and ideas we relayed to them as everyday users. Congratulations.”

Donna Axiak
Elite Automotive

“The support when needed has been very good, even in the short time we have been with Autosoft the improvements to assistance have been increased. All in all using Autosoft has made life a little easier and improved our bottom line – do I need to say any more?”

Roger White
Specialist Car Centre

“Seeking the services of a Company that both understood the needs of a small to medium size business and our requirement to streamline internal processes, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency, we turned to Autosoft for assistance. From Stock Control and Sales Analysis, Repetitive Works Coding and Debtors & Creditors together with Offsite ‘Real Time’ Training & Support the team at Autosoft have continued to meet our every expectation whilst being open and attentive to feedback as part of their continued improvement process.”

Steve Robinson-White
Don Morton Marine

“I’d just like to write quick message to say thank you and keep up the good work.

We have been using Autosoft5 now for a while and it is everything you would want in a parts and workshop system. I mean the core product is good and works well, but it’s the whole lot of little features that make it that much better. With Autosoft, procedures seem to be more efficient and run smoother, from making stock ordering easier, to being able with a couple of clicks see what jobs the technicians are working on from my desk.

I would also like to comment on how good the support is. Also on that subject I thank you for implementing some of my suggestions in the recent update, it’s great to know my thoughts and ideas are listened to, not just heard.

So to everyone there a big thank you from all of us at Discovery Automotive.”

Julien Tickel
Discovery Automotive

“Autosoft parts software has been an integral partner to my business for 6 years.

Flexibility & co-operation are the key components that have prevailed in their support to my business throughout what has been a challenging growth period.

Autosoft came on board with Carbitz when we were a 2 store operation, trading as independent profit centers. We have now grown to a 5 branch operation with integrated administration, central warehousing, and most importantly an automated internal inventory tracking system that actually works.

I am a firm believer that if a program can offer an integrated accounting package, then why double enter. There is not much we can’t account for in Autosoft and we are working towards integrating the balance. Carbitz stores are predominantly trade based with approximately a 30% retail friendly component. We have (as I speak) 30 sales people, 15 store men/delivery & 3 admin staff. Whilst some have been brought through the system, most have come from other organizations in our industry. All adapt easily to Autosoft point of sale & inventory management systems.

I believe the key to any business partnership is to do your home work first. Autosoft came recommended to me by John Bendall, a highly respected industry wholesaler with a comprehensive understanding of computer programming.

I am still working with Autosoft on ways to improve my business; I look forward to all those improvements becoming reality.

Kevin McGiffin
Catbitz and Accessories

“We have found that AutoSoft is easy to use, support from the AutoSoft team has been good, helpful, reliable and prompt.

I would highly recommend AutoSoft to anyone who has single or multiple locations, fast moving stock intermingled with slow moving specialised stock, repetitive tasks, individual tasks and as a complete system.

AutoSoft carries out all our tasks effectively and efficiently.

Bob Sutherland
Dieseltec QLD

Stock Control and Sales Analysis, Repetitive Works Coding and Debtors & Creditors together with Offsite ‘Real Time’ Training & Support – available for purchase as an all-inclusive package! These factors helped us ultimately decide that the purchase of Autosoft was exactly what our business needed as we looked forward to the expected growth of coming years. The complexity of the reporting console and ability to extract an array of reporting data is an absolute bonus.

Given the kit-like structure of Autosoft, we reasonably estimated that we would begin to see a positive financial return on our investment within the second year of service. With consideration of the internal labour costs incurred as part of Autosoft’s ‘self-build and learn process’, we are comfortable that we are well on track to achieve this goal. Having direct control over the configuration process has, and will continue, to positively impact the savings being seen.

With Autosoft having continued to meet our every expectation whilst being open and attentive to feedback as part of their continued improvement process, we would recommend Autosoft to our peers within the Marine and Automotive Sales and Service Industry.

Tony Gibb
Don Morton Marine

“Diesel Force is a growing business that now employees 5 office staff plus workshop staff utilising our software. For the past 11 years the business has operated by using what is essentially an accounting programme, this gives us good figures come tax time but for the remainder of the year we struggle to locate vital information for clients and double up a lot by entering information onto spread sheets for easy referral. So we have decide it’s time to move on with something more suitable.

We know nothing about software and are not even sure where to start to looking. I contacted the MTA(WA) and was given feed back on Autosoft, they believe it is the best priced industry specific programme they have seen. We are very nerves about out laying a substantial sum of money without knowing more so I asked our accountant (David) take a look. Lucky for us he isn’t just a fantastic accountant with many years experience he also has a huge amount of experience with computer software and programming.

David spent a full day speaking to our staff asking each one what tasks the current programme did that we need the new one to continue doing and what else we required. He then spent time comparing Autosoft and two other programmes with our requirements. One was written by a small company who made it sound all too easy and gave us some concern with back up service and programme reliability. The second has been around for sometime while it met our criteria it cost way too much for us to consider. Thankfully Autosoft is every thing that the MTA said it was… priced well for what you get out of it. It ticked all the boxes including a good accounting package, easy recall of information, easy to access client records, price lists, payroll, BAS, email text messages to employees and much much more.

We have found what we are looking for and are now in the process of changing over. This is a bit nerve wracking – we are leaving behind something that we have used for over 10 years to go to the unknown. What is making this process easier is Autosoft is easy to navigate around and the backup and support we have received from the experts as Autosoft has been fantastic.

We look forward to going live as our accountant believes we have the right tool to reduce our work load by at least ten percent, more time for coffee!

Shendel Cowan

“I first came across Autosoft when I was looking for an automotive management system for my new business. Initially the investment was more than I had originally budgeted for but after much research, I weighed up what I hoped to get from the system, and it made sense to get Autosoft as I felt it had everything I needed to run & grow my business successfully. I could see some great features that would ultimately pay for the system.

Having used Autosoft for a while now, I have gotten some great results. Whether it’s being able to see my total percentage of sales from any date to being able to view my full Creditor balance and most important to me, being able to fully manage my stock levels. The reports console has been invaluable to my business. As a new business Autosoft has been a worthwhile investment. From the little things like being able to email invoices and statements very quickly, to being able to place orders for stock directly from Autosoft to my suppliers and I am getting great feedback from them.

My customers are benefitting from Autosoft too in that I’m able to keep them up to date with the latest sales & new stock in store.

I would recommend Autosoft to any workshop, repair shop, or retail shop in the automotive industry, who is looking to grow and streamline their business.”

John Godschalx