Key Numbers

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With Autosoft Key Numbers you will get instant feedback about your business

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What is Key Numbers?

  • Key Numbers is a revolution in the way you will use your computer. 
  • Key Numbers gives you powerful analysis over the data that you capture in your business. 
  • The information is meaningful and easy to understand.  
  • You will never look at your computer the same way.   

Understand more about your income. 

  • See who your best customers are.
  • Learn where they are from.
  • See which areas of your business perform the best.
Who are your best people?
  • Reward your best sales people.
  • Set targets. 
  • Observe sales trends over time.
Review what you do! 
  • Review the very make up of your business.
  • See the performance of each job that you do. 
  • Promote the right jobs to the right customers and win. 
Are your suppliers looking after you?
  • Review your supplier performance. 
  • Understand where you cash goes. 
  • View spending trends over time. 

Impress your accountant !
  • Know your Bottom Line. 
  • Review your Gross Margins. 
Drop a Product Line?  Pick up a new one? 
  • No more guess work. 
  • View the real performance of a product. 
  • Observe a products life cycle over time.   
  • See the true margins.  

Cash is King!

  • See your cash commitments at a glance.
  • Keep on top of the customers that owe you money.

How to I get my ‘Key Numbers’? 
  • Key Numbers is a new software application that integrates into Autosoft5.
  • You will need to contact us to get an installation done.
  • You don’t need any special computer equipment, it will install onto your regular machine that is running Autosoft5  
  • Call our office 1800 825 236 and we can make arrangements with you.  

Get your Key Numbers 

Contact Autosoft on 1800 825 236