10 Secrets every Mechanical Workshop Must Know

New Book For Auto Shop Owners “Cracks The Code” On How To Shift From Being The “Chief Mechanic” To CEO Of A Highly Profitable and Efficiently Run Business!

Australia’s number-one business growth expert for the automotive industry, James Mitchell, has released his new breakthrough book, How To Get Profitable Fast”, which addresses the 10 biggest business challenges that hold most auto shop owners back from taking their business to a new and more profitable level.

“In this new book, I share how auto shop owners can ‘crack the code’ on how to efficiently and systematically grow their auto shop business,” said James, who has also announced that for a limited time only, his book can be ordered for free at www.FreeAutoShopSuccessBook.com.au.

The top 10 biggest business challenges that hold most auto shop owners back from taking their business to a new and more profitable level, according to James, are:

  1. Not having an easy and reliable way of tracking vehicle information and history
  2. Spending a lot of time writing or typing job stories
  3. Needing better ways of communicating with clients
  4. Making sure they aren’t under or over booking the business
  5. Being unaware of the accuracy of their mechanics’ billing time
  6. Not having the exact status of a job
  7. Manually and constantly looking up sell prices for parts
  8. Remembering who they owe money to and when to pay
  9. Managing ongoing GST and BAS payment schedules
  10. Using a generic operations system that is not meeting their growth needs

He added that his book addresses the scenarios in which the above challenges present themselves and the solutions that will enable the reader to better streamline their business, making it more efficient and in turn, more profitable.

Mr. Mitchell, who has had the enviable position of working directly with hundreds of ambitious auto shop owners from all over Australia, unravels the mysteries involved in how to truly become a successful and profit-focused auto shop business owner.

 “In writing How To Get Profitable Fast’, my number-one aim was to share real-world scenarios that put auto shop owners into the world of their customers, their most valuable asset,” explained James, is also the CEO of AutoSoft, Australia’s most popular state-of-the-art operations system for growth-oriented auto shop owners.

He added that from reading his book, auto shop owners would also learn how to:

  • Control the chaos in their business and transform it into a “dream business” through automation and efficiency
  • Elevate themselves from “chief mechanic” to the CEO of their business without giving up the work they love the most from their business
  • Systematize their business so that staff feel valued and come to work every day ready to do their best
  • Finally “plug up the holes” in their auto shop that continue to create profit leaks daily

“My goal is to offer a comprehensive solution to the problems and challenges auto shop owners face in their businesses every day, along with new and innovative ways to solve the most common problems that get in the way of growing a profitable business,” said James.

For further information about James Mitchell’s new book,‘How To Get Profitable Fast’, please visit the website:  www.FreeAutoShopSuccessBook.com.au

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