Goal Setting to Achieve your Dreams

Last night, two 10 year old girls performed in the semi finals of Australia’s Got Talent. They happen to be friends of my daughter Abbey and the girls did themselves and their family proud. 

I thought there was an interesting correlation with their performance, to how we perform in business. Business is all about goal setting, planning, implementing, and results and it dawned on me that this is what these girls have done to get where they have in Australia’s Got Talent.

They started out with a goal: Win Australia’s Got Talent. (OK, maybe it was just to make it onto the show, I don’t know)

Then came the plan: what are we going to sing and what would be most engaging for the girls.

Implementation: Training at each others houses. Working out the dance moves and making sure that they had their routine perfect.

Results: A great performance in the auditions which that saw them get through to the semi-finals which then required them to start a new plan (which song), new implementation (song routine, those amazing fluro suits! and more) and then performing in the semi last night.

In Business we sometimes need a small hand to achieve our goals, well the girls would certainly appreciate your help too. Take 30 seconds right now to phone or text and vote for the girls to see if they can achieve their dreams.

SMS NATALIE to 1998 8899 

or call 1902 55 99 12

Whatever happens, they’ve made an amazing achievement. Personally, it was a lot of fun going to the filming, and seeing the girls perform along with the other artists. It was great to see how a  TV show is put together, it was a lot of fun.

I wish them every success.

and to your success….

James Mitchell

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