Modern Technology – Would you buy a 40 year old car?

Sometimes I’m amazed at what passes as modern technology. 

In 2013, people are still buying computer software that uses technology that is so outdated it would be like going to the car dealer today and buying a car based on 40 year old technology and driving it home thinking it’s new. 

The challenge is that many people don’t know the difference, and they can get influenced by salespeople who gloss over the fact that you’re buying a lemon. 

I was amazed an horrified recently when we received the following message from a company who decided to purchase a cheaper Automotive Software product that touts themselves as a competitor to Autosoft (I have removed the name of the other software supplier with ******):

You probably weren’t expecting to hear from me but .. We did go ahead with the purchase of ***** but after the installation and actually going through the training on our own machines, it was clear that the GUI was so complicated and small that it was going to be unworkable on our 20″ monitors.  It personally made me nautious and they had no options of using larger screens – it was all based on what seemed to be a 12″screen.  Because the only demos we had were on their machines it wasn’t until we did the training that we realised that the system is using Windows 98 features and structure which we are simply not impressed with!

Investing in a solution to help run your business is so important, and choosing the wrong system can be disastrous. It honestly pains me to see so many businesses make poor decisions, that cause themselves, their team, and their business massive pain. You would not believe the impact this can have on a business. Conversely, making the right decision can have the opposite affect. It can turn your business into a streamlined, profitable enterprise where everyone is happy and content. 

Please make an informed decision, don’t purely base your decision on price. Sure, you want to get good value for money, but would you buy a set of $20 spanners from target to fix your customers car? If you answered no to that question, then why would you effectively do the same when it comes to systemising your business with software?

There is an interesting video on this subject here:

The decision to purchase a business management system is one that you’re unlikely to do often, has a profound effect on you and your business, and could be the difference between future growth and future failure. Please choose wisely. At Autosoft we take the time and effort to ensure that the system is the right fit for your business, and we have a backup support, training and consulting team that have vast experience in business, technology and automotive. 

Please contact us to ensure you make the best decision first time.

To your success….


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