Variety a Great cause for Kids

Autosoft are honoured to be able to help in some small way to a great cause in the Variety club and their quest to help out children with disabilities.

Autosoft are Platinum Sponsors of the “Icecreaminator” which is an Ice Cream Van that takes part in the Variety Club Bash and has the added speciality of providing Ice Cream to all the kids in the towns they visit. 

Last Friday I attended a sponsors lunch where Anthony & Mick, drivers of “Icecreaminator” gave a passionate an heart-felt talk about the way that the Icecreaminator, and it’s sponsors, have a profound affect on the lives of some kids who are much less fortunate than most other kids.

Without the help of Variety, their lives would be even more uncomfortable and challenging that it already is.

As business owners, sometimes it’s great to step outside your business and reflect on why we work so hard day to day. It really hit home for me on Friday that it really is a great thing that I can have even a small affect on someone else’s well-being due to my daily hard work which then turns into the ability to donate to a great cause. 

I ask you to reflect on your situation and how you might be able to help out. If you feel you can provide even a little help please visit to make a donation to a great cause.

Below are a couple of photos from the day…


James Mitchell

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