Workshop Software Online – Business Solution for Mechanical Workshops

At Autosoft we’ve realised that Autosoft software is not necessarily a good fit for all Automotive Businesses. 

Let’s be realistic. It’s a fully featured, high impact, amazing businesses system that does everything except make coffee! It’s fantastic, but it may not suit every business.

We often get enquiries from businesses that may not need the sophistication of Autosoft, yet they want a good, robust, functional system that is within their budget. Having not been able to previously cater for some of the enquiries we get, and having those businesses choose less sophisticated, cheaper alternatives, we’ve created a new offering, through our sister company Workshop Software Pty Ltd called “Workshop Software”.

Workshop Software Invoice

This is an on-line, web based, simple to use workshop management system that allows a workshop to get the functions they require without the sophistication of a fully fledged system like Autosoft. With an easy, small monthly investment, it allows even the smallest of workshops to use a decent business management system. It also has the distinct advantage of a simple upgrade path from Workshop Software to Autosoft.

“We now have an offering for virtually any workshop, no matter how small or large they may be. We cater for virtually any budget” said James Mitchell, Managing Director of Workshop Software Pty Ltd.

For more information, and a free trial visit .

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